If the world could remain within a frame,
like a painting on a wall,
then I think we'd see the beauty
and stand staring in awe
at our still lives posed.
Like a bowl of oranges.


Version 1.0
Sleepy Noah.

Charles Moriarty | 2003

"sunday morning overground" by tristan pigott (2013)

Yesterday it was a year ago since I, during a concert, told Johanna that I loved her. Yesterday we saw the same band again. And yesterday I realized that I then, a year ago, never thought I could love her more than I did in that moment, but that I have come to love her more and more for every day that passes.
You’re my everything, my moon and my stars,
my universe.
I love you.



Amy Winehouse | Tears Dry On Their Own | Raw version

Fuck me

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My Friday night plans are this little guy. Eight weeks and he’s already battling a 101.00 fever and upper respiratory infection. He’s on antibiotics twice a day. You got this, Noah.