If the world could remain within a frame,
like a painting on a wall,
then I think we'd see the beauty
and stand staring in awe
at our still lives posed.
Like a bowl of oranges.


do u say wutter

wooder also they’re hoagies not subs it’s water (“wooder”) ice not italian ice i also never pronounce the g in -ing words apparently that’s a philly thing idk if that’s true but other people have told me so

This is accurate it. It is also the a that makes ‘eah’ sound like in the words last, asshole. And iggles not eagles, sometimes beggles not bagels

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Found an undeveloped roll of film from earlier this year. My intentions with the roll were to only shoot and practice multiple exposures. The majority of the shots came out terribly. As I flipped through the prints this one appeared and I was pretty satisfied. Going to have to start shooting more film.